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Silvia Troska to receive “A Life of Beauty” award at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2015


Silvia Troska to receive “A Life of Beauty” award at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2015


Silvia Troska, a pioneer of the German nail industry, will receive the 2015 “A Life of Beauty” award. Presented by Messe Düsseldorf at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, the prize recognises people who’ve made outstanding contributions to the field of professional cosmetics and who’ve served as a source of inspiration for the industry. The award presentation will take place at the Meeting Point in Hall 10 at 5:00 pm on Friday, 27 March 2015. 

Silvia Troska embodies the image of the entrepreneurial pioneer with a unique sense for extraordinary things. Impressed by the idea of artificial nail extensions, she returned from the US to Europe in 1982 and revolutionised the nail design world when she developed the world’s first acid-free gel. This innovation laid the foundation for her unparalleled career and led to the founding of the alessandro International brand, which has played a major role in defining the beauty industry’s nail, hand and foot segment for over 25 years. 

Guided by her philosophy of wanting to offer nothing but the best to the women of the world, she’s been developing innovative, trend-setting products ever since. The focus of her development work isn’t just on optimising product performance but rather on anticipating ever higher customer standards regarding quality, trust and lifestyle. This drive is exactly what leads her to keep generating new and groundbreaking ideas for the industry – over and over again. 

Thanks to Silvia Troska’s passionate commitment, alessandro International has emerged as one of the leading contemporary nail brands worldwide. In excess of 2,000 nail, hand and foot products reflect the company’s professional competence and innovative strength. More than 30,000 professional nail designers carry Silvia Troska’s visions from Düsseldorf into the world, exciting millions of women in the process. Silvia Troska views her success story rather pragmatically as the natural result of work she takes for granted, because “overnight success comes from hard work during the day”. With that in mind, her biggest wish is simply to continue her accomplishments so that alessandro may always be loved as a trailblazer for game-changing innovations and trend-setting looks. 

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